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As corporations hellbent on burning even more fossil fuels heat up our beautiful planet, urgent questions are burning inside me. Facing them alone is exhausting. By building a community of thoughtful, determined readers on the EarthCrew blog (formerly SkyKeepers!), I hope to make exploring them into a rich and vital conversation.

Here’s what’s keeping me up at night:

  • How do we find shelter and sanctuary in an age of climate disruption?

  • Who are the activists and visionaries and village builders dismantling the old world and creating the new – and how exactly do they do it? How can we learn from them and what more can we each do to shift things faster?

  • What are the climate solutions? Great outlets already cover clean energy and tech. I want to delve into creativity, collaboration, accountability, consent, celebration, vision, and determination.

  • How can we build our courage to face what’s coming, and our empathy and power to stand for climate justice? How can we renew our energy to do this work – and become more deeply connected with nature and community?

  • What are the big climate stories the media is missing – especially the ones about how to actually stop the corporations hellbent on destroying everything?

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About Kathryn McCallum

When I started out in journalism 25 years ago, I was desperate to cover climate change.

My journalism has been published and broadcast in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Big Issue, Inside Sport, and on ABC Radio. My 44-day solo mountain walk was a feature in Australian Geographic.

But back then editors were cautious about climate change coverage, and I lost patience and turned to more direct advocacy. Now I've been a full-time climate activist for 18 years.

As communications and mobilisation lead with the Australian Conservation Foundation and climate justice campaign director for GetUp, I've helped hundreds of thousands of people take literally millions of actions – holding fossil fuel corporations accountable, advocating to decision-makers, and organising communities. I am also a Climate Leader with the Climate Reality Project.

Together, campaigns I’ve been a part of have won: a huge climate vote in federal elections; new laws to support clean energy; ending billions in subsidies for polluting fuels; and backing in First Nations people who are leading campaigns against nuclear waste and fracking.

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Most climate content covers problems, without analysis of who caused them, why, and how to change things. There’s little on what to actually do. I promise to flip this.

Sometimes I’ll deconstruct the skills and strategies of collective action – because the billionaires are not going to save us from climate change! The markets won’t save us. Even renewable technologies – critical as they are – are not the most important thing.

It’s people who show up, speak out and act together who will get us out of this mess.

I hope to meet readers who are powerful advocates in your own communities. And I hope the stories challenge and inspire you to use your gifts and vision to push for faster change.

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I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the unceded lands where I work – the Wurundjeri people and the Gunaikurnai people. Sovereignty was never ceded. I acknowledge First Nations people who care for their country and water, and their legacy of climate knowledge. I pay respect to First Nations activists and community leaders who lead campaigns to protect land and culture.

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Kathryn McCallum

Climate justice advocate. Environmental journalist. People power movement builder. Mountain wanderer.